Sat 19 Oct 2019 08:45

Our Sponsors

Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club are proud to be sponsored by a number of companies, without whom the club would struggle to flourish.

If you're interested in sponsoring our club, please contact Keir Waller on and Kat Goldsmith on

Rapid Mailing

Empowerment - Self-Esteem - Contribution - Self Worth - Enabling

Rapid Mailing is A Community Interest Company investing in employing people from the surrounding areas and those with learning disabilities.

All of the above key-phrases are qualities that we aim to promote in all of our trainees and through careful nurturing and support we can help our trainee’s to believe that they CAN achieve.

Through hard work and creative vision Rapid Mailing has cultivated a unique business that provides a rehabilitative environment for the trainees to work within under full supervision.

Many other services charge for the training we offer but this is where Rapid Mailing differs; we rely solely on commercial work to fund our social purpose.

ALL the profits we earn remain within the company to ensure we are able to consistently provide our bespoke work-based training placements.

Fulfilling - Safe - Engaging - Secure

Princess Prosecco

If you are obsessed with bubbles, quality bubbles, then you are in luck! Make it sparkle with Princess.P for all your life’s occasions. From personalised bottles, to cases, gift sets and hampers, is the favourite destination for all prosecco lovers.

The love and passion of our wine makers translate in fresh & fruity aromas of our DOC prosecco. Light & bubbly Princess.P celebrates life and friendship.

Italian style & elegance coupled with heritage and passion. Our wine is made of the sunny joyful memories of our grapes. Not found in supermarkets. Gluten Free & Vegan, so nasties. Share the Prosecco love and be kind to each other.

Follow us on social media Instagram @simplyprincess.p or twitter @simplyprincessp for cocktail ideas, and announcements about new artisan made products such as our Welsh Toffee vodka or English sparkling wine.

As a small business we understand the value of looking after a community, and we are delighted to be sponsoring Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club. Prosecco is social, all about sharing a good time together with friends. Who said warriors cannot also be Princesses?

Friends & family of the club can enjoy 10% off their order on by using code: TREAT10